Home Energy Assistance Program Newark Nj

Home Energy Assistance Program Newark Nj

Use rechargeable batteries instead of regular ones. Batteries are harmful for the environment if not recycled properly: you can reduce the amount of batteries that need recycling by using the same ones for a long time. Invest in a good brand and get a battery charging device to power your children's toys and other appliances.

Simple tips and Techniques to make Green Energy work for you - What does it take to start using green energy in your life? All you need to have is some determination and knowledge, and this article has plenty of ideas for you to use, as long as you're ready to implement them. Continue reading to find everything you need to know to get started on the road to clean energy.

A Pilot program in Newark, New Jersey to weatherize 30 senior citizen homes in order to lower power bills, create jobs and combat global warming.

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