Synergy Home Energy Solutions Ltd

Synergy Home Energy Solutions Ltd

Are you still using oil heat? You could switch to a greener solution without replacing your furnace. Find a qualified technician to inspect your system and make sure you can switch to a biofuel. Biofuels are non-toxic, degradable and renewable sources of energy that you will be able to re-use.

Synergy Biogas, New York’s largest on-farm biogas project, generates renewable energy for nearly 1000 homes. CH4 Biogas LLC built, owns and operates the …

Using green energies should be linked to recycling and reducing pollution. You can recycle cans, glass, paper and electronics. Avoid using products containing chemicals and do not buy a product from a brand that is obviously wasting resources in the packaging process. If all customers adopt this attitude, large firms will eventually change their habits.

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